Kitchen Hand-Me-Downs & Classic Summer Recipes

August 1, 2014 § 3 Comments

I just finished a two-week class at school on, well, life. We talked about meaning and family and success and failure, ya know, light stuff. It was a pretty welcome departure, though, from accounting and operations.

One of our assignments was to interview someone over the age of 70 about their life, legacy, and advice for having a meaningful life. Each class, someone presented on the takeaways from their interview. I had a really lovely and funny conversation with my grandma, where she focused on the importance of marriage and finding a good partner (Jewish grandmas have one track minds!).

Another student reported back that her grandma stressed the value of taking good care of your possessions. This really resonated with me, especially in the kitchen context. There are kitchen items I have that just make me feel good–my sturdy enamel dutch oven, my french press, my Weck juice jars. When I cook with and use these items, they cause me to slow down a little, because I want to take good care of them.

And then there are the kitchen items I have received from both my grandmas–metal mixing bowls, ramekins, pie pans, little CorningWare dishes, glasses with my grandma’s last initial on them, a stunning cake plate (that doubles as a photo stand until I have a large enough kitchen to display it)–that help me feel connected to my family and the tradition and routine of cooking. Food52 did a wonderful post on this topic, where you can see images of their readers’ favorite kitchen hand-me-downs.

grandmas on boat

Taking good care of your things is a form of self care and investment–you deserve a home with things that make you feel good, and the time you spend to maintain these items is worth it.

On that very nostalgic note, here is a round up of twists on classic summer recipes. I hope you enjoy!

Salt and Vinegar Potato Salad

Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp Bars

10 Lighter, Fresher Pasta Salads

Chili Lime Corn on the Cob

Grilled Vegetables with Haloumi

Any Vegetable Vinegar Pickles

Baked Potato Bar (You could grill the potatoes instead!)

Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers with Avocado

Peach S’mores (S’meaches!)

Grilled Peach Splits

Gourmet Hot Dog Buffet (this is my dream, if you do this, you must invite me)


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