Spicing Up Your Freezer Game

September 5, 2014 § Leave a comment

freezing smoothies in muffin tins

I’ve mentioned my appreciation (read: obsession) for a well-stocked freezer. I freeze all kinds of things: cookies, quiche, soup, pockets.

pressing on date cookies with fork

But sometimes, eating out of your freezer can feel like punishment. Like, you HAVE to eat that lentil soup because it’s been in the freezer for ever and it’s taking up valuable space and it would be really virtuous to save some money and not go out to eat.

baked whole wheat pockets

To make your freezer feel less like punishment, and more like a treasure trove, here are some tips and recipes for spicing up your freezer game…

baked tomato pea quiche

Only freeze things you enjoyed eating the first time around.

If you have leftovers because you didn’t like something, DO NOT FREEZE THEM. If you didn’t like it then, you’re not going to like it 3 months later.

Freeze ingredients, not just meals.

This really opens up the possibilities. I often freeze ingredients that can take a while to cook or can add flavor when I don’t have much in my fridge, like homemade tomato sauce; roasted sweet potatoes, parsnips, or other root vegetables; shredded chicken; cooked lentils; and pesto. I can then easily add these ingredients to whatever I’m making, without having to eat the same meal on repeat.

Think beyond soups and casseroles.

You can freeze burritos, wraps, pizzavegetable fritters, taquitos, stuffed cabbage, cornbread, the list goes on!

Think beyond dinner.

There are lots of breakfast, snack, and dessert foods that freeze well and can serve you well during busy weeks. Think waffles, pancakes–these are my favorite, breakfast burritos, smoothies, baked oatmeal, cookies (these can be snacks or dessert!)…

Make a meal specifically for the freezer.

What I mean by this is make something and don’t eat any of it before you freeze it. This will help with the dreaded leftovers effect. The meal will be something new and exciting in your freezer!

Happy freezer-stocking!

P.S. I just adopted this genius idea of using office organizers to bring some much needed order to my freezer, and I’m a much saner person these days because of it.


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