The Gift of Food

October 3, 2014 § Leave a comment

almond biscotti

This is probably a post more appropriate for December, when gift giving is at the forefront of your brain. But, the fall can be busy and harried, and it can be a nice thing to give someone a gift (a food gift, no less) as a way of saying “hey, I appreciate you, and I know that last week kicked your butt.”

I was recently on the hunt for food gift ideas for my boss, so I figured I would share the fruits of my research with you. And, I wouldn’t mind being the recipient of any of these in case you are feeling like getting in the kitchen…just sayin’…

candied grapefruit peels

Here’s what I look for in a food gift:

  • Easy for me and the recipient to tote around, since inevitably most of my food gifts have to travel on the metro to get to their destination, and it’s not that nice to give someone a gift that’s tricky to get home.
  • Can be stored in a container that I don’t need back. Two points if the container is cute and/or functional and can be considered part of the gift.
  • Fits the recipient’s food habits and likes, but isn’t something they would necessarily make for themselves–it should still feel like a treat!

italian rainbow cookie

Here are some of my favorite containers for food gifts:

Jar of homemade granola

And here are some of my favorite recipes for food gifts:


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