Prescription for a Busy Week

October 17, 2014 § Leave a comment

tomato curry soup

It’s been a busy week in my little corner of the world. Two math-heavy midterms have me crunching numbers and using my calculator more than my oven, while still trying to hold down the fort at work.

baked pumpkin granola

I didn’t stay out of the kitchen entirely, though. I made this delicious three ingredient (one of which is water) plus warm spices soup, stocked my freezer last weekend with pockets, replenished my granola supply, and took a bread baking 101 class instead of going to my strategy class (oops).

bread baking for beginners

I find that without good food and a distraction here and there, feeling busy can translate into I-can’t-do-this. So, here is my prescription for a busy week:

  • Add cinnamon to your coffee.
  • Make breakfast ahead of time.
  • Skip out on a responsibility and bake bread (we made both of these in my bread class; next week, french bread!).
  • Watch an episode of this show. I am so hooked, and each episode is only 25 minutes so it’s the perfect study break (unless you use that as an excuse to watch 5 in a row).
  • Get a hands-off soup simmering on your stove.
  • Flip through a cookbook in between reading more boring, obligatory things like your microeconomics textbook. I just got my mom’s friend’s copy of The Silver Palate and borrowed the Oh She Glows Cookbook from the library. Do you get cookbooks from the library? It’s the best way to rotate through interesting cookbooks!

Happy weekend! I’m doing another round of apple picking this Sunday to celebrate no more midterms, so I’ll be back with some more apple recipes…I just can’t get enough.



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