Doing More with Less

October 31, 2014 § Leave a comment

cappucino in the north end

I am decidedly not a hoarder. I love, love, LOVE throwing things out. Clutter hurts my brain and raises my blood pressure. This past weekend I went on a purging spree, partially inspired by this article about decluttering and taking care of your things that my dad stumbled across. He then decided it was time for all family members to throw out their old socks and replace them with new cushy ones from Costco. (My poor dad is actually the only one yet to implement this because my sister stole all his new socks on a recent visit home, such is having daughters).

I had been starting to feel a bit trapped in my bedroom, like it was shrinking a bit. Cutting down to only items that “bring me joy” as the article describes made it feel easier to breathe in there.

So, what does this have to do with food, which is the real reason we are here? I’ve been finding that meals with simple, mellow flavors are most appealing to me right now. Too many steps in a recipe or layers of flavor and I quickly get sick of a dish, or feel overwhelmed by preparing it. Squash has been too much for me lately, and I need a break from cumin. Not sure if it’s something vague like the changing of seasons, but whatever it is, my mood and food tend to go together.

I’ve been turning to recipes like the ones below, keeping it simple, and choosing recipes based on what I feel like eating that very instant, even it’s breakfast for dinner, or vice versa. I guess what I’m really talking about here is comfort food. Hope the recipes below fall into that category for you. Enjoy, and get out there and buy some new socks!

Tuna and white bean salad

Banana walnut baked oatmeal

Spinach feta breakfast wraps

English muffin pizzas

Green beans with almonds

Minestrone soup

Persian herb frittata

Whole wheat peanut butter and jelly pockets

Broccoli apple soup

Skillet bruschetta with beans and greens


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